Why not try out Balloon Twisting for yourself ? With a Balloon Workshop.
Balloon twisting is both fun and rewarding. It gets your creativety going and leaves you with a sense of achievement for all that participate.
Mr Balloon Man comes to you Melbourne wide, workshops can be for 30 minute's to 1 hour and are designed to introduce you to basic balloon twisting.
You will experience:
*   Balloon safety
*   Pumping up the balloon
*   Burping the balloon
*   Tying the balloon
*   The basic twists
*   4-6 balloon creations
These workshops are great for both children and adults, and are best when children are accompanied by an adult to share in the experience, of Balloon Modelling.
Workshops can be modified to suit any occasion, from parties to school groups and shopping centres to corporate clients.
Workshops are an amazing and fun experience that should be shared with all your friends.
 All of your Balloon Creations made at Balloon Workshops can be taken home with you.
Outdoor Balloon Workshops are lots of fun!