Spin Art Painting

Create amazing individual artwork in just minutes with colourful paper, selection of paint colours and Spin Paint Boxes.


Great for fetes, festivals, shopping centres, school holiday programs, birthdays


Tables are low enough for even young children to be able to do an amazing creative activity.


As the paper rotates, the wet paint spins outwards, creating intricate designs. The artist can drip more paint onto the paper while it is spinning, thus layering paints on top of each other, creating different effects. Using different colors, a skilled spin artist can blend colors together into subtle designs. At any point during this process, you can stop the spinning platform to view the paper. Since the paper is usually rotating at a high rate, it is difficult if not impossible to view the image on the paper until the platform has stopped spinning, thus creating a sense of surprise and uncertainty during the creation process.


Artwork on the boxes by World Famous Amazing Artist Lynne Jamieson